Jonggundang, Korea's first customized probiotics lactobacillus 'Prelacto 4'

seoul yoon bo-mi | 기사입력 2020/06/26 [13:30]

Jonggundang, Korea's first customized probiotics lactobacillus 'Prelacto 4'

seoul yoon bo-mi | 입력 : 2020/06/26 [13:30]

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▶ Variety of strains and formulation is specialized by age and effect 

▶ Prelacto Premium Long-Term Capsule∙ Prelacto Bebe...Contains the largest 19 types of lactobacillus in Korea 

▶ Powder-type Friracto, Friracto Kids...Strengthen suitable lactobacillus by age group


▲ Amid growing interest in probiotics recently, Chong Kun Dang's launch of customized lactobacillus is expected to heat up the market. <Photo=Provided by Chong Kun Dang>  © 호주브레이크뉴스


Consumers are paying keen attention to Jonggundang's launch of customized probiotics lactobacillus.


Interest in probiotics has recently been on the rise, with intestinal bacteria also known to play an important role in intestinal health and immunity. Probiotics is a living fungus that goes into the body and has beneficial health effects, and experts recommend that you carefully examine strains and molds and take the right products.


Jonggundang's probiotics health functional food "Freiracto 4" is a customized product that varies strains and formulation so that consumers can choose the right product for them.


"Prelacto Premium Jangyong Capsule" and "Prelacto Bebe" are products containing 19 types of lactobacillus, the largest in Korea, so that various lactobacillus can be distributed in the intestines. The two products are neo-biotics products that contain probiotics' food pre-biotics, which help increase lactobacillus growth, suppress harmful bacteria and promote bowel movements. It is also characterized by a combination of vitamin D needed to form and maintain bones.


Prelacto premium intestinal capsules have been applied with intestinal-soluble capsules that can live up to the intestines to compensate for the shortcomings of probiotics, which are vulnerable to gastric and bile acids. Freeracto bebe is a deliciously chewable type of churble that children can enjoy.


▲ Lactobacillus products for various age groups, ranging from infants to adults, have been released and can be taken by family members. <Photo=Provided by Chong Kun Dang>  © 호주브레이크뉴스


Powder-type "Prelacto" and "Prelacto Kids" are ideal combinations of lactobacillus suitable for consumers' age groups.


Prelacto is an adult product that has strengthened lactobacillus bacteria, which is known to be effective in forming immune and antibacterial substances, normalizing intestinal bacterial composition, and suppressing the production of harmful bacteria. Friracto Kids is a product for children aged 3 months to under 12 years old and features four types of bifidus bacteria contained in breast milk to prevent diseases and form an immune system.


"The four types of freeractos are probiotics that enhance efficacy and convenience of use and expand consumers' choices," a Chong Kun Dang official said. "They will be able to greatly help the health care of modern people whose intestinal health and immunity have weakened due to stress and irregular living habits."



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